Winning Tote Bags

A client needed some items to give away at a senior health event, and she needed them quickly, as the fair was a week away.

I asked the usual questions: who will be attending the event, how many do you need, and how much do you want to spend?

She was going to be out of the office, and gave me carte blanche to come up with an idea and order them.

I found a neat nylon tote bag that folds up into its own pocket, and the logo shows on the outside when the tote is opened.

The totes were a huge hit; some people came back asking if they could have one for their “friend.”

A few days later, the event coordinator called my client telling her that her own mother was at the event. When the coordinator asked her mother how she liked the event, which featured distinguished physicians making informative presentations, the mother replied, “It was great; I love those totes.”

Does your next event need this kind of recognition and exposure?