Bowled Away

Kristina Springer from Sagamore Plumbing & Heating, Inc. called wanting stylish shirts with their logo to wear to the 6th annual NAWIC Bowling Fundraiser.

Because their logo is a very bright green and yellow, they figured their only choice was to get white shirts with the two-color logo.

I suggested going with either a green or a yellow shirt, and ordered samples, so they could see the colors in person. In addition to showing them samples for color, I also provided varied sizes so they could make sure they got the fit they wanted.

Once I saw the colors—luscious light green and pale yellow, like cool, delicious sherbet on a hot summer day—I knew the solution. Like a kid who can’t decide which flavor to order, I suggested get some of each; five green and five yellow, and do tone-on-tone embroidering. Tone-on-tone is embroidering with thread to match the garment, giving it a subtle, elegant look they would want to wear afterward.

When they saw the samples, they decided to order extra for one of the women, who frequently delivers proposals and quotes to clients.

Kris wrote the day after the event, “This being our first time participating in this event, we needed to look good and make our presence known in this fun competition. As you can see by our photo, we all look proud, and our shirts look fantastic! Thanks so much for your suggestions; they really made our look ‘above and beyond’. Our team actually won 3rd place for best Team Spirit, and I’m sure our shirts played a part in that.”