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The “Write” Stuff

Only the top of this pen was sticking out amongst some tools on a shelf in my dad’s barn. As soon as I held it in my hand I knew instantly, a sort of deja vu feeling, that it was a promotional pen from my grandfather’s business. The amazing thing is that the last time I wrote with one of those pens I was in third grade. Talk about the power of promotional pens.

In honor of National Handwriting Day, January 23, here is some information about the effectiveness of pens as promotional items.

In a recent survey, fifty percent of respondents said they like getting free promotional pens from advertisers. Fifty-six percent reported that they keep the pen for as long as it writes.

Pens are a cost-effective way to promote brand recognition. Each time someone writes with your pen, there is what advertisers call “an impression.” If a pen costs a dollar, the cost for each impression may be only a fraction of a cent or $0.000436. That is an amazing deal considering the cost of other advertising media. There are some very serviceable pens that cost less than a dollar, making the cost per impression even lower.

The secret is to choose a pen that people will want to use. Whenever a client wants to buy pens, I always get samples so they can see how they feel and how well they write. Another consideration is how the imprint area will work with the client’s logo.

I use the same criteria when selecting pens for my own company. I get feedback about how much people like them, and that they have to hide them from their colleagues.

Once I was in a meeting and saw someone writing with one of my pens, even though she had her own branded pens.

A long-time business relationship with a client is due to a colleague who worked for the company loving my pen. Check out my blog about the Power of the Pen to read more.

Did you know?

  • An average pen will write 50,000 words.
  • An average pen could draw a line 6,000 feet long.
  • It would take 24.2 million pens laid end-to-end to   reach the International Space Station.
  • The average person uses a pen 4.3 times per day.
  • The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued in 1988 to John J. Loud, a leather tanner. He needed a pen that would write on leather, as fountain pens could not. Very ironic, since my grandfather’s company welted leather!

If you want to “test-drive” some winning pens for your company, email us and we’ll help you get the “write” stuff.